It turns out, that red, green, and white have been associated with winter holidays for centuries.

And of course, we prefer to choose these Christmas colors for our crocheting and knitting to make some holiday presents, to decorate our Christmas tree and home, to create the magic atmosphere of a fairytale.


But do you know what these colors mean?



This deep color symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, the person whose birth the holiday celebrates. It is also associated with Santa Claus and his distinctive outfit. In general, red is often used to represent love, courage and romance, other popular holiday themes.

Bobilon red shades

Ruby Lady in Red Burgundy



Evergreen plants like holly and mistletoe are used at Christmastime to represent Christ’s life and eternal nature. In pagan times, they were a powerful reminder that nature keeps growing, even through the cold times. Green often symbolizes money, good luck and health through the holidays and into the new year.


Bobilon green shades

Green Apple Green Island Ultramarine Green



What is more Christmasy than a blanket of fresh white snow? (At least in the northern hemisphere!) White also hearkens back to pagan winter solstice festivals. It represents purity and the triumph of good over evil, two powerful themes at Christmastime.


Bobilon white shades

Snow White Ice-Cream Vanilla