Bobilon t-shirt yarn is super easy and comfortable to work with. It is fantastic for crocheting, knitting, and even macrame projects. Each yarn ball has length 110yds/100m, but different weight according to the thread thickness. For your convenience we have 4 different types of thickness.

Bobilon Micro 3-5mm: Mostly used for amigurumi projects, soft blankets, macrame, bracelets, pillows, totes and bags, scarfs or even clothes knitting. Yarn ball Middle-weight 200-220g.

Bobilon Mini 5-7mm: backpacks, bags, pillows and other different home decor projects. Yarn ball Middle-weight 250-270g.

Bobilon Mini 7-9mm: bags, crochet rugs, poufs, baskets, macrame. Suits almost any knitting and crocheting project. Yarn ball Middle-weight 320-340g.

Bobilon Mini 9-11mm: Mostly used for thick rugs, poufs and big size. Yarn ball Middle-weight 450-500g.

These are rather general recommendations for usages. Please, use your imagination to create whatever you want with Bobilon t-shirt yarn!

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