About Bobilon brand

Bobilon T-shirt Yarn Company from Ukraine is family-owned business, was found in 2016. It has started as a manufacturer of the best-quality cotton t-shirt yarn in 4 different types of thickness: 3-5mm, 5-7mm, 7-9mm, 9-11mm. Our pallete consists of 54 cheerful colors which are constantly keeping in stock. Our experts try to expand our assortment and add some new, trendy colors.

During the last two years, we invented our own technology and designed our custom equipment. As a result, the yarn is made of eco-friendly recyclable cotton in a lot of cheerful colors with the constant thread thickness without any knots or defects.

We are passionate about popularization knitting and crocheting all around the world with craftspeople of different ages because: It helps with developing fine motor skills, serves as a great stress reliever, relaxing and fun process, activates the work of brain cells.

The history of our brand

Adv. for customer

  • 1. ECO-friendly 100% cotton
  • 2. fully recyclable
  • 3. palette of 54 constant colors
  • 4. four types of thickness
  • 5. without any knots or defects
  • 6. constant thread thickness
  • 7. your handicraft holds its shape

Adv. for business

  • 1. competitive price
  • 2. quick manufacturing cycle
  • 3. fast flexible ways of shipment
  • 4. client-centered approach
  • 5. products selection support
  • 6. dedicated account manager
  • 7. one-month products reservation

The energetic Bobilon team sets the goal of bringing knitting and crocheting culture to every home in the world.

This is our main mission so we do our best to create superior t-shirt yarn and design kits for any experience level to support the big idea.

The history of our brand


“The idea of creating BOBILON Company goes far into my childhood. The love of handicrafts was passed on from my grandmother, who tought me to do everything with love and passion.

I always wanted to create something that the market could not offer. Something that could help people to develop creativity, make them feel this world multicolored. Soft t-shirt yarn was ideal for my dreams’ realization.”

Olena Reshetnikova

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